Parade Guidelines

The Apple Blossom Parade is set for Saturday, May 6.

Start time will be 9:30 a.m.


A late fee of $25 applies to all entries submitted April 16-22.
Entries received between April 23-May 2 will be assessed a $50 late fee.
No entries will be accepted after May 3.

  1. The theme for 2023 is “Shaping St. Joseph: One Business at a Time.”
    All entries are strongly encouraged to design their units around this theme.
  2. All units must be decorated. See tips below for ideas or get creative and develop your own.
  3. Floats are strongly encouraged. In fact, we challenge you to create a float.
  4. No prizes will be awarded to entries.
  5. The Apple Blossom Parade is a fun family event with many children both in entries and along the parade route. We request that your handouts reflect positive community values and avoid controversial or inappropriate issues.
  6. Any parade unit that causes the parade to stop (e.g. radio/television interviews, special performance groups, political entries, or those experiencing mechanical breakdown) is encouraged to immediately move to the side of the street to allow the parade to progress with ease.
  7. No semis are allowed in the parade.
  8. Two adult spotters are encouraged to walk next to the unit.
We’re proud to be Americans, and we know you are, too. So, the Apple Blossom Committee asks that all units display at least one American flag, the bigger the better. Fly it proudly.

Entry fees

$100 for nonprofits, political candidates running for office, and other individuals.

$150 for all commercial and for-profit entries.

These fees are for a single unit. For example, truck + trailer = single unit or one car = single unit. Additional units will be charged $25 each.

IMPORTANT: No semis are allowed in the parade.

All entries will be reviewed by the Parade Committee. Submission of entry form and fee does not guarantee acceptance.

Begin a parade entry for:

Prizes and awards

Grand prize for best float will be $1,000. Second place for best float is $500.
Recognition certificates will be awarded in the following categories: Best Float, Best Themed Float, Best Vintage Vehicle, Best Walking Unit, and Best Band.

Decorating tips

All units in the Apple Blossom — cars, trucks, trailers, floats — must be decorated, as in the following examples.

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